Listed here are some of the most awe inspiring humans we've ever made contact with.  Grab a coffee or tea and take an electronic wander through this vastly talented and diverse group of artists, makers, musicians, healers and community builders.  

Friends please contact us if you'd like to be listed, we'd love to add more magic. 

We're sure something will grab your eye, ear or heart! 

Enjoy and please feel free to share 

The Kitchen Witch - Western Community Herbalist concocting herbal medicinal potions in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island.  Olde world herbal alchemy for modern day healing.  Salves, Creams & Oils ~ An external herbal companion to working on your internal environment.

Theo Collective (Apu & The)  ~ non-profit diy art collective from Northern Germany & ADM/Amsterdam ~ anarchic creativity since 2011 ~ bookbinding, collage artwork, bookfairs, workshops, solidarity projects, artist/collective coops and much more

Gaia Gardening Gaia Gardening is a small all women organic, sustainable and low environmental impact gardening company located on southern Vancouver Island.

Harvey Stranger  ~ Oil painter, illustrator, crafter and aspiring tattoo artist residing on Vancouver Island.  Inspired by wildlife, Mother Earth and humanity, Harvey Stranger's heart and soul shines through each of her pieces.

Sandra Szabo Art - Sandra's aim is to connect with the world and share in the blissful and raw experiences it has to offer.  

Squeaking Tribe Marionettes ~ Marionettes of otherworldly distinction. 100% Handcrafted by touring gypsy artists Sol and Sara Lee.

-Custom designs - made to order - 

Stop the Radicals - Music for the Resistance - Collaborative effort by musicians and artists all over Turtle Island that stand in solidarity with activists and indigenous resistance camps the world over.
To overgrow the government we need to combine roots and thrive!

Shawn Macpherson~ Watercolor painter and potter specializing in organic, free flowing designs.  Inspired by nature and raw materials.  

Barbara Schreiner-Trudel - Barbara Schreiner-Trudel, the irreverent Reverend, is a minister, author, speaker and coach. Barbara has inspired thousands of people to create positive and lasting change in their lives. Regardless of your situation she may be able help you.  Money, career, health, peace…she will help you.

Naomi Kennedy~ Vancouver Island artist Naomi Kennedy explores the human connection to nature utilizing many mediums including paint, sculpture and tattoo.  

Kate Romain - A eclectic artist within any mediums including street performer, musician, visual artist and print maker.  

Vic Horvath~ Vic horvath is a walk under the glowing embers in the wood stove sky. A mouth that mutters magic and breathes sinful strings and cackling feathers. This performer is found in dim lit bars crowded with whisky and slurred romances.

Elder Sister Plum - Elder Sister Plum's tunes go down smooth like a good whiskey. With just her voice and an acoustic guitar or piano, Plum delivers wistful melancholy ballads followed by groovy top-tapping tunes, moving into sombre hair-raising stories of sailors lost at sea.