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Soaring Scavengers Story

Nestled between old growth trees and the Pacific Ocean, Soaring Scavengers officially began in 2015.  Originally inspired by life and death on Vancouver Island it continued to grow and evolve as time went on, whirling into a joint project where each shares their own creative pursuits under the umbrella of Soaring Scavengers. During the chaos of 2020 makers Nat & Riley packed up life as they knew it and headed back across the country, this time landing in Nova Scotia, a move they never intended to make but long term housing stability called their name and unfortunately it was not currently feasible in the west anymore.  Life for many is so different now but after a creative hiatus to resettle Soaring Scavengers is back at it and this time with some new offerings.  

Where did the name Soaring Scavengers come from?  Inspired by the resident turkey vultures living on Vancouver Island, Nat and Riley resonated with these incredible birds and appreciated their ability to scavenge what they need to survive and their community focused approach to life.  As luck would have it, these feathered friends are regularly seen in their new east coast town so the inspiration continues. 


Often misjudged, the turkey vulture is actually a very necessary bird found all around the world. Seen often soaring together in kettles these birds are considered a bird of prey, though they rarely kill for a meal, rather spending their days cleaning up the dead, thus removing harmful bacteria and disease from their environment.  As community birds you'll often see more than one, flying, eating and sleeping together.