A setting sun will always rise again

December 31, 2016


The departure of 2016 is upon us, tomorrow is the final day of the year and cold winter chills of these last twelve months linger in the air, 2016 is soon to be listed in the history books. 



A setting sun will always rise again.  






A new year, a new beginning... yet the expectations of resolutions, a fresh start and 2017 being any different than it's soon to be historical counter part 2016 brings many unnecessary pressures and fears.  Each and every day... scratch that, each and every moment we have on this earth is a time we can make changes.  It is really hard to practice that thought even when you believe it... but it still holds true.  


This year, like all years that have passed, humanity as a whole has won and lost many battles, we have lost many souls both in personal lives and those who may serve as inspirations creatively and socially, we have made mistakes but we have also learned, loved, created, inspired, gotten out of bed and moved forward another day.  2016 wasn't perfect, next year won't be either, we'll never see a utopia, but we can help one another feel connected.  


A thought for moving into 2017 for those caught in the regrettable loop of setting resolutions and reflecting at what you didn't get accomplished, here's another approach.  


Create space to reflect on, write privately or share with loved ones; 


Accomplishments... big or small, the world we live in isn't easy and sometimes getting out of bed is so god damn hard..... celebrate that you were able to do that 365 times... or less, celebrate a new awareness or skill, celebrate a new friendship.  Something that you accomplished that fed your soul, healed heal a wound, ignited a flame inside.  


 Gratitude...  Sharing gratitude regularly and reflectively really helps me personally.    What do you feel grateful for from this year?  Nature, freedom, love, comfort, food, clean water, loved ones, adventure, stability, creativity, lessons, wisdom... there can always be at least one.    


Intentions... setting intentions is a ritual you can continue all year as well,  it is much gentler on self to set intentions than to pick resolutions.  What do you want to create this coming year, emotions you want to feel, people you want to find, creativity you want to explore.  



Moving into 2017, may you have at least one moment of reflection,  regardless of how terrible this year may have been, where you can find the endurance to move forward and keep on truckin' down the dusty road of life. 


Just some food for thought, from a women in the forest on an island, trying to practice connection and creativity in a world that sometimes feels dark and bleak.  


Much love & creativity









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