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New blog, first Etsy Shop update of 2021 & Altar Cloths

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Hey friends, Witches and fellow magic makers, Nat here! I'm going to start regular blogging and hope that you'll join me to read more about who we are, what we offer and what we're keeping busy with for Soaring Scavengers.

During February's new moon we released our first Etsy Shop Update of 2021 and we are excited to introduce some NEW items! Our collection of Altar Cloths has expanded and we now have Leather Tarot & Oracle Card Pouches and Witchcraft Curio Boxes.

Till February 23rd you get 11% OFF everything in our shop including custom order leatherwork + all Pyrography Art is on sale an additional 10% so that's 21% off!

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We also have a huge GIVEAWAY which you can enter on our INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK

The next few blog posts will be a mixture of introductions to some of our products, to us as makers and a peak into our lives and adventures here on the East Coast.

We'll kick off today with introducing our Handprinted Altar Cloths!

Altar Cloths

Many more altar cloth options have come out in this update, what started as a trial idea to offer surprise handprinted altar cloths in November 2020 has gained a bit of traction so far, people are enjoying the offering and I have and will continue to expand to offer more options as we move forward. Currently in our shop we have:

Small & large altar cloth listings feature white and cream vintage and reclaimed linens pictured below. They range in size and you are able to now select which print you want from the variations drop down menu. Like all of our altar cloth listings, the linen supply is constantly changing so to keep it affordable we offer these as a surprise to which linen you'll recieve while you get to pick between small or large and which print you would like.

Click here to check out our small altar cloths

Click here to check out our large altar cloths

Brand new for this update was the introduction of our Mini Altar Cloth options - these are mainly all vintage linens, most with some sort of fancy edging and all under 9" in size. They vary is size and shape though many are round. Not all of the prints are available on these as there just isn't enough space to use the moon phase or broom stamps in our current collection. Though I just created the tiny acorn and tiny bee stamps because some of the printing area on these were just too small for any of my current stamps. Though smaller than our sized small cloth listing these are the same price ($15 CAN w shipping) as they are usually a bit pricier to purchase.

You can also select between white / cream or black mini altar cloths

Click here to check out our mini altar cloths

We also released Black Altar Cloths this update, these cloths are vintage and reclaimed linens that I've hand dyed black, which adds a substantial amount of time and labour to the project but I just love how they look. It is so rare to find old linens in black as almost everything is some shade of white so these really look amazing dyed. Stock is limited as I can only dye so many per batch and it is labour intensive. So far white is the primary printing ink color though I do want to experiment more with silver or other metallic inks when I can find some. The Black Altar Cloths are available in one

Sizes vary and the linen chosen will be a surprise though they will range between 10"-24"

Click here to check out our black altar cloths

Thank you for taking a few moments to read my first blog! I hope it has found you well and cozy (if it is cold where you are).

We do have a giveaway happening on our INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK until Feb 24th + a sale on our ETSY until Feb. 23rd so be sure to check those out.

Be well,


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