Photography Sessions & Adventures - Photo Calendars, Buttons, Prints & Functional Art 

Passionate about capturing life & death on Canada's West Coast ~ Vancouver Island. Through Soaring Scavengers Photography.  Growing up with a camera in her hand, Nat has evolved her style, interests and technique through years of practice, self directed learning and a few photography classes.  Dedicated to sharing life as it is, primarily shooting outdoors or in natural lighting and capturing authentic, candid moments of what or whomever is in front of the lens. 

Photography Art

Nat brings you a unique and ever changing collection of prints, buttons, calendars and functional art meant to soothe, inspire and ignite the flames within.     

View current stock here 

Please contact if you are looking for prints, buttons or functional art not yet posted as the collection is as vast as the mighty Pacific.  

Photography Sessions & Adventures

Soaring Scavengers is also available for private Photography Sessions & Adventures with a focus on 6 major categories. 

- Musician, Maker & Artist Photography

- Dark Arts & Avant Garde Photography Sessions

- Pet Photography Adventures

- Farm Photo Sessions

- Solo, Couple, Friends and Family Photography Adventures

~ Shoots are done in a safe, inclusive environment ~ please come as you are ~ all races, genders, sexual orientations, family dynamics, body shapes & sizes are beautiful ~ this is a judgement free zone ~

Have an idea for a shoot?  Does it not fit into a category above?  Please contact so we can discuss it further and see if Soaring Scavengers Photography would be the best fit for your photography needs.