Meet the Makers

Meet the makers behind Soaring Scavengers.  Nat & Riley have been roaming Canada together for just shy of 8 years after meeting in Toronto Ontario, January 2011.  They have inspired and challenged each other to evolve as artists and individuals time and time again, both bringing a collection of skills and experiences to the table.  Residing on Vancouver Island now for over 6 years, the island provides them the quiet, natural inspiration they need and a strong support group of creative and kind hearted like minds.  

Lover of nature, wildlife, good coffee, salty air, dog snuggles and great friends

Believer of magick, the moon and the power of the people

Collector of animal remains, vintage doilies, handmade pottery & wool socks

Passionate about building creative, inclusive community projects

Mediums include leather, textiles, photography & design, pyrography, writing & music

You'll also find her organizing events, baking, exploring the forest and gardening

Designer, maker, photographer, marketer, vendor, website & social media


Lover of music, vultures, dogs and chocolate

Believer of ufos

Collector of old man hats, bones and plaids

Passionate about human rights for all humans

Mediums include leather, wood working, bone carving, writing, playing and recording music

Likely to find him playing music, hiking in the woods and helping folks with odd jobs

Designer, maker, finder of materials & shipper


Lover of blanket forts, sunny days and bananas

Believes she's a starfish

Collector of critters and coats for rainy days

Passionate about being the best at snuggles

Likely to find her bathing in the sun, under all the blankets or barking at strangers

Emotional support, bone hunter & project assistant 


Lover of squirrels, running fast and dog parties

Believes he's a cat

Collector of bones and bowties

Passionate about squirrels... he really likes squirrels

Likely to find him busking street corners in his bowtie or jumping fences at local parks

Comic relief, leather taster & customer service